Guide to Download Free Sewing Patterns as a Winslet’s Gold Member

Confused about the steps to download free sewing patterns as a Winslet’s Gold Member? Don’t worry! As a Winslet’s Gold Member, you have access to a vast collection of our 60+ digital sewing patterns, exclusive content, and expert support to help you enhance your sewing skills. This guide will take you through the simple steps to download free patterns, making it easy for you to create beautiful garments for yourself, family, and friends.

You can also check out this video which provides an easy tutorial to download free patterns with Winslet’s Gold Membership:

Steps to Download Free Sewing Patterns as a Winslet’s Gold Member

Start by visiting Winslet’s website to explore the available patterns.


Step 1: Browse through the Favorite and Popular categories to find a pattern that suits your needs.


Step 2: For a comprehensive view, visit the All Patterns section.

Step 3: Use the filters to narrow down your search. In this example, the search is for a beginner-friendly skirt pattern.

Step 4: Select a pattern. In this instance, the ‘Iris Suspender Skirt’ is chosen.

Step 5: Review the product details, including size, fabric recommendations, and fit.

Step 6: Add the chosen pattern to the cart.

Step 7: Proceed to checkout.

Logging In and Applying Discount

Log in to your account and apply the discount to your chosen pattern by following these easy steps:

Step 1: If not already logged in, log into your account.

Step 2: Alternatively, enter the email linked to your Gold account.

Step 3: Apply the discount code GOLD100.

Step 4: Confirm that the total value is zero dollars, indicating the pattern is free.

Step 5: Enter your billing address (not needed if you are logged in) and complete the order.

Checking Your Email

Check your email for your chosen patterns by following these steps:

Step 1: Check your email.


Step 2: Open your inbox to find your free patterns.


What is Winslet’s Gold?

Winslet’s Gold is the ultimate premium sewing membership designed to elevate your sewing experience with unmatched value and convenience. For a special introductory price of just $49, this membership offers access to a vast collection of over 60+ digital sewing patterns, exclusive content, and expert support.
As a Winslet’s Gold member, you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited Pattern Downloads: Seamless access to our entire pattern archive without any download restrictions.
  • Growing Catalog: Stay ahead of trends with two new patterns released every week.
  • Priority Support: Receive dedicated assistance from our team of seasoned fashion designers.
  • Exclusive Content: Access super exclusive patterns and premium offerings tailored for Gold members.
  • Quarterly Competitions: Participate in members-only contests with up to $500 in prizes.
  • (Added Bonus) Sewing Practice Sheets: Improve your skills with 50+ pages of practice sheets designed to enhance control, accuracy, and speed.
  • (Added Bonus) Sewing Project Planner: Keep your projects organized with a comprehensive planner to track your progress and creativity.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced sewist, Winslet’s Gold provides the tools and inspiration you need to craft beautiful garments effortlessly. Join today and transform your sewing journey with the endless possibilities that Winslet’s Gold Membership offers.


This wraps up our tutorial on how to download free sewing patterns as a Winslet’s Gold Member. We hope you find this process straightforward and convenient. Happy sewing and creating wonderful garments!

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